Pentti Sarpaneva

Jewelry designer Pentti Sarpaneva (1925-78) had an important role in history after the war time, when it came to designing jewelry. He was already in the 1960’s a new thinker and he put his own stamp on things when he combined without hesitation different materials.

You could see the 1960’s expressionism in Sarpanevas jewelry as unique and unpolished surfaces and in a variety of shapes. He even added studs from boats to some of his designs. He was inspired by the nature, traditional finish laces and shred crafts as well as he was inspired by the wastes from the zipper industries. Although many of Sarpanevas jewelry were castes in silver and gold, his favorite material was bronze. In smaller designs that he made he was intrigued by combining glass and metal.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s Sarpanevas designs spread to the finish homes and they have remained popular ever since. He’s partners were for ex. Kalevala Koru, Turun Hopea and Kumelan lasitehdas. Turun Hopea still has a lot of his designs in there productions.